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Thank you Dawn for the exceptional job you did researching my husband’s family lineage.  We were delighted with your services.


I wanted to surprise my husband with his Family Tree and information about his ancestors as a Christmas gift.  Dawn was excited to help with this project.  It was evident that she was passionate about discovering the history of families.  The research required was extensive as my husband’s mother was born in France and the only records I could find were in French.  One of the reasons that I chose to work with Dawn is that she is fluent in French and had lived in France.  His grandparents were both born in Czechoslovakia  and again, few records were available.


We were very pleased with the result; a beautifully bound book containing a detailed family tree along with pictures and stories detailing the lives of my husband’s family.  Dawn was an absolute pleasure to work with, very patient and detail oriented.  I appreciated how she explained each step of the process and was forthcoming about the costs involved in each step.  She was very conscious of keeping costs in check.


You have given our family a priceless gift.  I look forward to working with you and Discover Your Roots again to research my side of the family.

Terry K.

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