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Discover Your Roots, LLC

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About Discover Your Roots, LLC

At Discover Your Roots, LLC, our mission is to illuminate the past, connect the present, and inspire the future through the power of genealogy. With a meticulous blend of forensic investigation, Midwest exploration, deep-rooted Irish heritage expertise, and DNA analysis we empower individuals to uncover the stories that define their lineage. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and empathetic research, fostering a genuine connection to one's roots. Guided by our passion for preserving legacies and honoring traditions, we strive to make the past accessible and meaningful, one family at a time.

Our Services

Family History Research

Experienced & Comprehensive

DNA Analysis

Trusted & Empathic

Forensic Genealogy Services

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Embark on a captivating journey into your family's history with Discover Your Roots, LLC. Let us help you uncover the stories that shaped your ancestors' lives and, in turn, your own identity. Contact us today to start your exploration of the past!
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